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 My name is Jeisser, I perform under the name Jeizer and I am from Caracas- Venezuela.
I have had a love for music ever since I was a child, at as early as 9 years old I was interested in the sound and rhythm. I quickly became curious to see what people were doing in the world of music at that time and inspired by everything I saw around me, I started to have my own equipment at home.



For Some djs, music is more than just their passion or occupation-it's the reason for their existence. Dennis Italiander is a Dutch Dj Producer from Holland and has been performing and producing for the past several years. 'I like to play music that has a certain twist." He credits Laidback Luke as one of his biggest influences for wanting to become a producer. Italiander's individual mixes shift seamlessly through genres and coloured with both the rich seam of melody and lush lolling groves.




dj Litchi

House MashUp Diva dj Litchi

 Mixing from hip hop to house, edm  trap using samples and acapellas in her sets with microphone skills Litchi makes unique mashUP show 🙂Rocking  dacefloors all over the world:
  Dubai,  France, Italy, Finland, Belgium Romania   Swiss,  Bahrain  Greece, Cyprus, Mauritius, Indonesia, Oman, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Mongolia, China, Egypt, Philippines,Tunisia, India ect.

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Kikka Vara

Kikka Vara is a Japan-born, Switzerland based DJ & Producer. Since she started learning Piano at age 3, she was always passionate about music, made tracks with music software and sang self composed songs in several events in Tokyo. In 2017 April Housebugs records from Berlin signed her first release ‚2nd Place’, groovy funky techhouse track making it’s round on the dance floors. She has other forthcoming releases, in May 2017 comes house track ‚Free your Soul’ from NY’s reknowned Karmic Power records, in fall 3 more house releases from Transform recording in London. She started mixing on several radioshows like, Dancemusic radio (Netherlands), Housefreqs radio(UK), DJ play in Events in London, in Tokyo, Ministry of sound in London, Ibiza Rocks Bar in Ibiza